Monday, October 18, 2010

Black Dog Rebel Rose by Danielle D Smith

                      Non-Stop Action and Sizzling Sex


Known, among friend and foes alike, by his nick name Black Dog, Skriker had it all. He was handsome as sin and had amazing prowess when it came to satisfying a willing multitude of eager ladies or fighting ferocious battles against the evil denizens from hell and beyond.  Yet he was also burdened - and blessed – with a secret.  Alone and free with no room for pesky entanglements, that was the life he lived and the life he cherished, until, by chance, he met Rose.

Alluring and with an otherworldly beauty, Rose also carried a secret.  She, too, was a top-notch warrior with sharply honed combat skills.  Rose delighted in seeking out and wiping out all things evil.  Determined to live life on her own terms, Rose was a loner with no room for romantic entanglements, until, by chance, she met Skriker.

Meeting by chance in the abandoned ruins of Paradise Hills, Rose and Skriker are instantly attracted to each other.  Breaking their own rules, they fight together to clear the forsaken city of its evil inhabitants.  It is during the course of their adventures together that secrets are unintentionally exposed – secrets that could mean the damnation of them both.

It is technically, I guess, a sequel to Psyche’s Gate but this book was easily able to stand alone on its own merits.  While Psyche’s Gate was, for me, defined by its lyrical writing and brooding, gothic atmosphere I found Black Dog and Rebel Rose much more fun overall and easier to read – a rollicking fantasy romp.

This novella hooked me from the very first page.  With non-stop, breath-taking action and sizzling hot sex scenes, the author effortlessly pulled me into the story of Skriker and Rose.  The chemistry between the two protagonists was just delightful.  Their conversations, at times poignant, were skillfully crafted.  This was a fun, well-written yarn that should appeal to readers who enjoy tough, no-nonsense leading characters who are able to extradite themselves from sticky situations using intelligence and guile.  It was superb entertainment for my Sunday afternoon. I Loved It!!


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