Friday, October 29, 2010


Genre - Contemporary Romance
My Rating  2 Cups

The thirty-year-old Prince Gianfranco di San Benedetto is disgruntled to discover that his recently deceased Uncle Niccolo included a stipulation in his will most distasteful to the young prince.  Even though Gianfranco adores his Aunt Flavia and loved his uncle like a father he has no inclination to marry, yet now, it seems he must find a bride within three months and remain married for a year or lose his inheritance.

Suzanne de Beauvoir is introduced to the charming Prince Gianfranco by a mutual friend.  He is struck by her forthright manner, savvy intelligence, silvery-gray eyes, and coppery-blond tresses.  Gianfranco knew he wanted her so he set out to charm and woo her affections – after all time is of the essence. 

Suzanne, an astute and competent business woman, is overjoyed when the Prince hires her to be his Personal Assistant. She is flattered when his interest quickly becomes more personal.  For Suzanne marriage is a lifetime commitment but can Gianfranco live up to her high expectations?

I found the Cinderella – Prince Charming storyline interesting in the modern setting.  I liked the strong, professionally competent Suzanne and was able to relate well with her. That she captured the attention of the wealthy prince was exciting and I felt the possibilities for this couple were limitless.  Unfortunately, I never became comfortable with the dialogs in the story.  The conversations, especially between Suzanne and Gianfranco, seemed awkward.  Most significantly, though, I had a very difficult time reconciling what I perceived as the de-evolution of Suzanne from a strong, self-assured, business professional who had bedazzled a prince into the clingy, subservient, and basically unimaginative lover he idolized.  However, this novel should appeal to readers wishing to escape into a story featuring a rich, super-sexy, alpha male who whisks his mate all over the world to beautiful and exotic locations.  

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