Monday, October 18, 2010

Human Blend by Lori Pescatore

An Entertaining Paranormal Suspense
My Rating - 4 Stars
Human BlendI recently ran across the blurb for this book on one of the Amazon conversation threads.  The story concept was appealing as I was looking for a light, fun read with a little romance and a little mystery.  Julie, the protagonist, is a special young woman who has some very special abilities.  As the book opens she has just moved into a new town, is scared, but determined to make a new life for herself.  She had recently managed an escape from the thugs who had kept her captive since she was a small child. Certainly, she has every reason to be cautious and concerned.

Most of the secondary characters seem compelled to want to assist or protect the beautiful Julie though they each have their own agendas and reasons for doing so. The mysterious and reclusive Doctor Elsworth, for instance, in spite of a disconcerting first impression becomes an unexpected ally. The relationships become more tangled as the story evolves and for me that helped make this novel a more rewarding reading experience. The author has a talent for creating unusual characters.  

As the story progresses, the author gives us glimpses into Julie’s past letting us relive some of those experiences through Julie’s recollections.  Abused and mistreated by her captors for years, Julie struggles with questions of her personal identity. She feels isolated but is concerned she will put others at risk if she allows herself the luxury of friendships. After all, this is not her first escape and she vividly recalls the unhappy consequences of another earlier attempt. However, she has a spunky spirit, is a kind person and others just naturally seem to be drawn to her. She makes new friends and accepts a volunteer job at the community hospital where she feels she can use her gifts to ease the suffering and illnesses of others.

I enjoyed the story and loved the author’s conceptualizations of the various paranormals and alien beings. It easily held my attention and I hope there will be another book with characters like these. I think Julie is a likable person and I would love to see her mature a bit and learn to better control (at least sometimes) her remarkable abilities. But that's just me, I really like to see us girls kick ass!


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I loved your take on this! You're right, we definitely have very similar interests and takes on books :)